This is a brief outline of the process you will go through when you use the uri-log.com system to measure, record, and monitor and communicate information needed to assist with your urinary system rehabilitation.

  • After you have registered and activated uri-log.com you will be asked to log in using your registered email and password.
  • Once logged in you will be directed to the PATIENT ACCESS page which gives you a choice of actions. You will select an action. The actions are: record my BENCHMARK information, record my VOID information, record my OPTIONAL MONITORS information, REGISTER my Health Professionals, look at MY REPORTS AND MONITORS.
  • Your physiotherapist will have nominated a date that you should commence recording your 7-day BENCHMARK urinary information. This is the information needed to compare to your rehabilitation information.
  • After your operation and when the catheter is removed, you will select record my VOID information. This begins the process of understanding the progressive levels of urinary system rehabilitation. The information allows your physiotherapist to adjust your pelvic floor exercise program as required. The process of measuring and monitoring your progress can assist in maintaining your motivation, and aid commitment to the very important pelvic floor muscle exercise program.
  • Your doctor, urologist or physiotherapist may have suggested that you monitor such things as: fluid intake, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, glucose or number of steps per day. If so, record the required information by selecting record my optional MONITORS information.
  • A number of sessions with your physiotherapist will have been pre-arranged and you will need to provide up-to-date uri-log reports for these sessions. These reports can be printed. If your doctor or urologist has requested reports or monitors, these also can be printed. To access these reports, simply select look at MY REPORTS and MONITORS.
  • In some circumstances it may be appropriate that your registered Health Professional review your Void and or Health Monitor information directly and communicate with you. The MESSAGE SERVICE built into the system provides two way messaging between patients and Health Professionals.
  • Image of Patent Access Page

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