About Us

My name is Chris; I am a survivor of high grade prostate cancer and creator of uri-log.com

Following the diagnosis of prostate cancer my specialist urological surgeon recommended a radical prostatectomy. The surgeon outlined the various risks and benefits associated with the prostatectomy surgery including the issue of potential urinary incontinence.

To help in addressing the issue, the surgeon referred me to a physiotherapist who had a special interest in Pelvic Floor Muscle Training (PFMT) for pre and post radical prostatectomy patients.

The physiotherapist explained the importance of utilizing the lead up period to the prostatectomy to develop excellent pelvic floor muscle activation and control, using an individualised pelvic floor exercise program. In my case trans-perineal ultrasound technology was used during these physiotherapy sessions to provide a real-time image of what the pelvic floor muscles were doing to ensure correct muscle activation patterns. These images are of particular importance as they provided a powerful visual mental link to the ‘feeling’ of the pelvic floor muscle contractions. This enabled repetition of this feeling during independent training at home, and hence optimize contractions during the rehabilitation phase.

This pre-operative time was also used to establish a urinary system performance benchmark for use in the post operation rehabilitation phase by completing a detailed record of urinary voids over a 7-day period.

During the physiotherapy pre & post prostatectomy PFMT treatment regime two things became very clear to me. Firstly how important a high level of commitment and compliance to the regime was to my outcome and secondly how underutilized pre & post prostatectomy PFMT was in some regions and countries.

Fortunately I had every opportunity to achieve a good outcome – however a significant number of men do not have that opportunity so I decided that I would do something to influence and meaningfully increase the PFMT utilization rate worldwide. The something turned out to be a web based application that provides an effective and secure tool to patients and their linked health professionals for the recording, reporting and communicating of Void data and other basic health monitors pre and post prostatectomy. The application also provides a messaging service between patients and their registered health professionals plus Patient File Note capabilities.

In simple terms uri-log.com core aim is to meaningfully and efficiently assist and enhance the Pelvic Floor Muscle urinary system rehabilitation process and achieve less “days to continence” for patients.

The web application is in three access modules: Public, Patient and Health Professional. Only registered Patients can initiate the registration of their Health Professional.

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